The Irish Film Festival London is delighted to announce Lenny Abrahamson as our new Patron. 

The multi-award winning Irish film director is well known for his films, ‘Adam & Paul’, ‘Garage’, ‘What Richard Did’ and ‘Frank’. He has worked with major theatrical talents such as Brie Larson, Michael Fassbender, William H. Macy, Maggie Gyllenhall, Domhall Gleeson, Pat Shortt and Jack Reynor.
Abrahamson’s current film “Room” was recently nominated for four Oscars, including one for him as Best Director. The film has already garnered rave reviews and the current total of accolades stands at 116 nominations and 60 wins from some of the world’s leading awards bodies including the Independent Spirit Awards, the Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice, Screen Actors Guild and BAFTA. 

Lenny Abrahamson said: “I am a big fan of the festival and the opportunities they’re providing for Irish filmmakers in the UK. They are bringing the best of contemporary Irish film to audiences in London and I’m proud to be a part of what they’re accomplishing.”

Festival Director Kelly O’Connor said, “We couldn’t be happier for Lenny as he receives his well deserved international appreciation. 

“We love Lenny’s work and have had the privilege of screening all of his films over the years. After our preview screening of ‘Room’ at our most recent festival last November, he enchanted our audience with a live full screen Skype Q&A at the Rio Cinema in Dalston. 

“He has always been very supportive of us and we are thrilled to welcome him on board as a Patron”. 

Abrahamson’s work has been described as “drily funny, inquisitive, and plangent”. By tackling subjects such as loneliness, isolation and morality in an honest and unflinching manner, he very quickly captured the film world’s attention. His filmography is devoured by film students and aficionados internationally. 

Abrahamson joins London-based casting director Ros Hubbard who is also a Patron of the festival. 

The latest film by Lenny Abrahamson, "Room", starring Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay is in cinemas now across the UK and Ireland. Find your closest cinema

Image courtesy of Jeff Vespa/WireImage