What a fantastic 5 days of fun and fillums! We couldn't have asked for a better team! So a huge thank you to everyone involved both in the lead up, and during the event itself.  

We would like to thank the following people:

Hannah Doyle of Doyley Designs for designing the logo, website & brochure

Eibh Collins for being the best damn Head Volunteer on the planet!

Angela Sammon for the promotion of the festival, press releases, research, competitions, launch night, newspaper articles, blogs and radio and support at every screening!

Olly Nash for fixing everything that went wrong, technical support, design support, IT support, moral support and mini-cab service for 2 weeks!

Daire Hall for cutting our fab trailer

Manju Gregory for an incredible 3 hour children’s workshop in shadow puppetry with 5 times more kids than expected!

Anita Delaney and Eibh Collins for their excellent Q&As!

Steve Martin for his great Q&As and all his articles in the Irish Post about the festival

Catherina Casey for creating the opportunity for this festival

All our volunteers (Sarah, Simon, Lydia, Emily, Bee, Helen, Aris, Jodie, Kate & Laura) for their instinctive and absolute support at each venue!)

John O’Hora & MART for curating our 2 Video Art Exhibitions, and all the exhibiting artists (Alison Cronin, Ciaran Hussey, Eoin O'Dowd, Gavin Campbell, Jane Cassidy, Jessica Fenlon, Joe Hambleton, Kathy O'Leary, Lisa O'Donnell, Moya Clarken, Richard Forrest, Sarah Lundy, Terence Erraught, Tonya McMullan & Vanessa Daws, Fiona Chambers, Bláithín Mac Donnell, Anita Delaney, Martina O'Shea, Fiona, Sally O’Dowd and Catriona Leahy)

Each of the venues for their excellent facilitation & support

The distributors (Artificial Eye, The Works, Element Pictures, Hotshot Films, Blinder Films, Moving Still) for allowing us to show these incredible films

John MT and Shira Macleod for being great programming sounding boards!

The projection teams at Riverside Studios & Tricycle Theatre for their excellent support

Nik at Riverside for a stress free exhibition installation

The directors, producers & stars who flew in to present their films (Kieron J Walsh, Brendan Byrne, Art O’Briain, Malcolm Campbell, Tara & Lucy O’Brien, Ron Cooney, Frank Berry and Lisa Barros D’Sa & Glenn Leyburn)

The directors who were unable to attend, but gave us their full support.

Teresa McGrane from the Irish Film Board for flying in to support us

Donna Patrice from the LA Irish Film Festival for also flying in to support us

Niall McKay from the New York Irish Film Festival for his advice

Roger Holland for being our Punk Consultant!

Gaby Frescura for all the moral support & advice

Giulia Crossley for her support on our launch night

Andrew at Impress Print Services & Samantha James at Hauser & Wirth for their faultless technical guidance

Everyone at IFI International for their moral and practical support

Everyone at the ICC for all their help (Kazeem, Marie, Maureen, Elma, Bill, Kathleen, Aibee, Kay & Tom)

Stephanie Feeney at the Future State of Ireland for sharing our brochures at their conference

Everyone who tweeted and put messages on Facebook, and who spread the word about the festival

All the family and friends providing background support over the last 3 months!


And a big Thank you to our promotional collaborators:



Irish World

Irish Post


And finally to our Sponsors without whom none of this would be possible!

Irish Film Board

Culture Ireland

Emigrant Support Programme & Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith

IFI International & Arts Council of Ireland