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On Sunday 13th March 2016, we are running TWO Irish Film events at the Mayor of London's St. Patrick’s Festival London, in collaboration with the Greater London Authority. The St Patrick’s Day Film Festival will entail a collection of short films from 11.30am-2.30pm, and an evening screening from 7.30pm at Regent Street Cinema.

Full Shorts Programmes 

IFL's very own Eibh Collins, who recently programmed the Irish Short Film Festival in Malta, has selected the shorts for the line-up.

Tickets are free but pre-booking is recommended.
Tickets for each screening are available HERE

11.30am - Programme 1

Did you hear about her Da?

Dir Jessica Patterson

Archie is afraid of leaving the house but wants to spend more time with his daughter. With a parent-teacher meeting drawing near he decides to seize his chance to be a normal dad, though when the local kids discover his secret, Archie may risk everything to keep his promise.


Dir : Dave Slade & Gemma Addy
Prod Gemma Addy
UK-IRE co-production  

A young woman tries to right a terrible wrong.

Love at First Light

Love at First Light

Dir Caroline Grace-Cassidy
Prod Kevin Cassidy

The morning after the night before unveils a special moment. 

Looks Like Rain

Dir Kevin O'Farrell
Prod Dave Leahy &  Liam Ryan

Set in a working class household in Ireland in the 1960s, "Looks Like Rain" tells the story of young boy who spills tea on his father’s lap as his mother looks on in despair. The boy's banishment to the back yard until dinnertime turns into a mother's race against the elements to get food on the table.

Love is a Sting

Dir Vincent Gallagher
Prod Ian Hunt Duffy

A struggling children’s book writer gains an unexpected house guest in the form of an ageing, hyper-intelligent mosquito named Anabel.

Drone Blender

Dir Damien Gallagher
Prod Damien Gallagher & Billy May
UK-IRE co-production  

Our drone is hungry - watch it slice, dice and chop food at full throttle - shot in super slow motion at 1500fps on the Phantom Miro camera from Vision Research.

Cèad Ghrá / First Love

Dir Brian Deane
Prod Eamonn Cleary

Céad Ghrá is a nostalgic coming of age story about two best-friends that set out on a quest in pursuit of their first crush.

Father Murphy

Dir Megan Devaney
Prod Emma Keane

A local priest has an unusual idea of what it means to look after his flock.

1pm - Programme 2

Tickets are free but pre-booking is recommended. 
Tickets are available HERE


The Teacup

Dir Elif Boyacioglu
Prod Irish School of Animation

Once there was a man who was afraid to go out...


Dir James Doherty
Prod Peter Frankie Brennan
UK-IRE co-production  

Breathe follows Patrick (29), a bare knuckle fighting Traveller (JOHN CONNORS) who becomes increasingly concerned with his young son Francie’s femininity. The film questions how far a man is willing to defend his family name when the one threatening his legacy is his own son. Does he have the capacity to change and accept him? 

Even Droids Have Friends

Dir Caroline Grace-Cassidy & Sorcha Furlong
Prod Kevin Cassidy

At a local Star Wars convention, two middle aged men, still masquerading as r2d2 and C-3PO are torn apart when one wants to go solo.

Three's a Crowd

Dir & Prod Eoin O'Neill 

A silent film about impressing girls.


Dir Tristan Heanue
Prod  Paddy Slattery 

'Today' is a hard hitting drama about a man who wakes up one morning in his car, disorientated, with no recollection of how he ended up parked in the middle of nowhere. The harsh reality soon comes flooding back once he gathers his thoughts.


Dir Shane Reid  
Prod Donal Haughey

Galway man James Heffernan was eleven when he first began cobbling. He learned his trade in a school for deaf boys in Dublin in the early sixties and for the last three decades has run his own successful cobbling shop in Galway. Now at sixty-five, James has decided to retire, leaving his son Eddie to carry on the tradition. This observational documentary follows a day in the life of James.

Bonsoir Luna

Dir Donncha Gilmore  
Prod David Cullinan, PJ Moloney & Philip Hickey

Bonsoir Luna is an all-sung, Irish language musical that tells the story of a romance between street artist, Duke, and, Luna, who works in a shopping arcade's coffee shop nearby. Luna's coffee shop is run by her mother, Paula, who disapproves of Duke and his trade. Duke and Luna have kept their romance a secret, but now Duke must round up his fellow street artist friends to help him win over Paula when she nears discovering their secret and if she did, would force the two apart.

Tickets are free but pre-booking is recommended. 
Tickets are available HERE