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A collection of Ireland’s recent finest short films, from the darker side of life.
80 mins, Ire, (15)

Taking the waters

Taking The Waters

18 mins 10 secs
Dir: Kathryn Ferguson, Anna Hart

A short meditative exploration of the magical healing nature of the sea, and the value of a true community pool in turbulent times, based on the 80yr old Walpole Bay Tidal Pool in Margate.


Take Me Swimming

10 mins
Dir: Claire Dix

A son must overcome his own conflicted feelings and honour his father’s intentions to keep his mother alive, despite her expressed wish to the contrary.

Early Days .png

Early Days

12 mins
Dir: Nessa Wrafter

Though Kate knows she’s lucky to have become a mother, and her instincts toward her baby are fiercely protective, post-natal trauma and hallucinations make the world increasingly hard to bear. Can anything pull her back to reality – before it’s too late?

Love and Fear_Photo 1 Go_Dn_ideann.jpg

Love and Fear / Grá & Eagla

15 mins 28 secs
Dir: Catriona Ni Chadhain
English and Irish with English subtitles

Grá & Eagla is a short documentary examining Irish people’s attitudes towards our native language. The story follows comedian Áine Gallagher as she prepares material for her bilingual stand-up comedy show, giving her an opportunity to explore why so many Irish people feel passionately about the Irish language but lack the confidence to speak it.



8.00 mins
Dir: Mike Andrews

Pigsy is an 8 minute short documentary about an Irish artist with severe dyslexia who breaks through the boundaries of everyday communication and expresses himself in new and unexpected ways on the canvas.

Photo 1 The_Marksman_1080p_.00_00_08_24.Still001.jpg

The Marksman

1 min 10 secs
Dir: Conor Healy

An army sniper contemplates the lives of those he is tasked with eliminating.

Friday 23rd Shorts Still from Boy Saint.png

Boy Saint

7 mins 17 secs
Dir: Tom Speers

When two adolescent boys become aware of their budding sexuality they uncover the pain and longing of the human heart. A sensitively told story exploring how a sense of danger, shame and confusion can intensify a series of fleeting exchanges and ultimately prove overwhelming.

_ Lint 01.jpg


3 mins 15 secs
Dir: Lisa O'Sullivan

Exploring the strange limbo state we experience in the aftermath of a break up, Lint follows one person’s bizarre attempt at regaining some sense of normality.

2d animation & hand-cut paper stop motion.