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We will be screening 2 programmes of Irish Short Films as part of our St. Patrick's Film Festival London 2018, in association with the Mayor of London. Films selected by Eibh Collins.

London Film School | The Big Red Door | 24 Shelton Street/Langley St. | Covent Garden | London WC2H 9UB

The London Film School

The London Film School

1.30-2.30pm Programme 1 features: Homecoming, Word of Mouth, A Different Kind of Day, Departure, Native, Late Afternoon.

2.30-3.15pm - Informal drinks reception

3.15-4.45pm - Programme 2 features: Guard, The Postcard, Capturing Our Capital, The Family Way, The Chancer, Consent, The Tattoo.

Programme 1

Homecoming - Irish Film London


Dir: Sinéad O'Loughlin
Prod: Laura Brennan
A young man struggles to find his place in the world after returning to Ireland. A familiar face makes him wonder if things are about to change. 

Word of Mouth - Irish Film London

Word of Mouth (Scéal na Béal)

Dir & Prod: Ben Kavanagh
In an effort to bust an underground drug ring, a skilled Garda Detective goes undercover as an Irish oral examiner.

A Different Kind of Day - Irish Film London

A Different Kind of Day

Dir: Maria Doyle Kennedy
Prod: Kieran Kennedy
This tender and comedic short addresses the idea of perception and disability, and does so with humour and grace.

Departure - Irish Film London


Dir: Aoífe Doyle
Prod: Niamh Herrity
An animation featuring an Irish grandmother’s unexpected departure from her lonely life, as the universe conspires to bring her closer to her family than she could ever have imagined.

Native - Irish Film London


Dir: Linda Bhreathnach
Prod: Marina Donahue
An Irishman in the twilight of his life embarks on an emotional journey to seek out the home and family he had left in his youth.

Late Afternoon - Irish Film London

Late Afternoon

Dir: Louise Bagnall
Prod: Nuria González Blanco
Emily finds herself disconnected from the world around her. She must look to her past so that she may fully connect with her present.

Programme 2


Dir: Jonathan Harden
Prod: Bronagh Taggart
An emotionally hardened young woman wrestles with difficult memories when her estranged father returns from prison. 

Guard - Irish Film London

The Postcard

Dir: Liza Bolton
Prod: Chris Bolton
Lucky O'Toole was once in a famous postcard and she would like to relive that glory.

The Postcard - Irish Film London

Capturing Our Capital

Dir: Rebecca Bermingham
Prod: Seamus Waters
Observational documentary based on one day in metropolitan Dublin snapped by disposable cameras.

Capturing our Capital - Irish Film London

The Family Way

Dir: Nuno Bernardo
Prod: Roisin Kearney
A family is thrown into turmoil when a positive pregnancy test is found in the bathroom drawer. 

The Family Way - Irish Film London

The Chancer

Dir: Patrick Maxwell
Prod: Joan Burney Keatings
Off the rails and in and out of prison, Ryan’s endless promises to change only amount to empty promises and his life plummets to rock bottom. But does this ‘chancer’ deserve another chance?

Chancer - Irish Film London.jpg


Dir: Aoife Moiselle
Prod: Tara Woods
An animated short which challenges the viewer to engage with the impact an experience of violation can have on a person.

Consent - Irish Film London

The Tattoo

Dir: Ian Power
Prod: Eoghan Ryan
A Holocaust survivor working in a New York funeral home in 1980 makes a life-changing discovery.

The Tattoo - Irish Film London.jpg