• The Ritzy Picturehouse Cinema (map)
  • Brixton Oval
  • London, SW2 1JG
  • United Kingdom

Daughter of Darkness (UK, 1948, Lance Comfort, b/w sound. 35mm 90mins). 

Siobhan McKenna’s first starring role on screen as Emmy Baudine, an orphan girl active in her local Irish church but viewed with suspicion by the community for her strange, seductive effect on local men. The parish priest (Liam Redmond) arranges to move her to stay on a wholesome family farm in England but with macabre results. Genuinely ‘creepy’ film directed and performed with great sensitivity for the material.

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This screening is part of the 'Irish Film London 1916 Commemorations Film Series', a cinematic journey charting the UK and Ireland’s relationship over the last century, through the eyes of filmmakers.