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  • United Kingdom

Let's Be Famous (UK, 1939 Walter Forde , b/w sound. 35mm 80mins). 

This Ealing Studios film is a whimsical vehicle for the considerable comic talents of Jimmy O’Dea, one of Ireland’s leading actor and entertainers to emerge from the music hall era. A postmaster-cum-amateur singer from Ireland gets to perform on the BBC in London through mistaken identity, becomes a hit and falls in love with an English girl.

We are delighted to welcome Conor Doyle, Godson of Jimmy O'Dea, to introduce the film, and share a little insight into the man himself! 

About Conor: Conor Doyle is an author, radio presenter and Dublin's Theatre Royal Historian. As Ireland’s leading expert on the Theatre Royal, he is in great demand as a lecturer and has assembled an extensive collection of Theatre Royal memorabilia, photos and film archive. He also inherited the one of the countries largest Irish theatre. Film, TV and Radio memorabilia collections from his godparents Jimmy O'Dea and Ursula Doyle. The Collection has been donated to the Irish Theatre Archives and The National Museum of Ireland. 

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This screening is part of the 'Irish Film London 1916 Commemorations Film Series', a cinematic journey charting the UK and Ireland’s relationship over the last century, through the eyes of filmmakers. 

Image courtesy of Conor Doyle, Irish Theatre Archives