• The Ritzy Picturehouse Cinema (map)
  • Brixton Oval
  • London, SW2 1JG
  • United Kingdom

This Other Eden (Ireland, 1959, Muriel Box, b/w sound. 35mm, 85mins) 

Produced by Emmet Dalton at Ardmore Studios, this was the first Irish feature film to be directed by a woman, English director Muriel Box. Set in 1945 in a small Irish town, the plot involves the fractious memories of the War of Independence (1916-21) and its aftermath a generation later. Based on Louis D’Alton’s stage play, this is an acerbic exploration of how the past continues to inform the present at many levels of life, brilliantly played out between the lead roles in Audrey Dalton and Leslie Phillips and served by a superb cast of Irish and English actors.

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This screening is part of the 'Irish Film London 1916 Commemorations Film Series', a cinematic journey charting the UK and Ireland’s relationship over the last century, through the eyes of filmmakers.