Irish Cinema: Memoir, Nation and Self-narration

A Public Lecture by Professor Lance Pettitt, Director for the Centre for Irish Studies at St Mary’s University

Time: 6.30pm -7.30pm (doors from 6pm) 
Venue: Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW19 3EU

This fascinating lecture explores how autobiographical writing by filmmakers can be used as a resource for re-thinking the contours of Irish cinema history. It will focus in particular on Belfast-born filmmaker Brian Desmond Hurst, drawing on research published in a new work Travelling the Road: A Memoir of Life in Cinema. Hurst made more than thirty films between 1934 and 1962 including, Dangerous Moonlight (1941), Theirs is the Glory (1947), Scrooge (1951) and a number of Irish-themed films.

Prof Pettitt, is a leading authority in Irish film, television and cultural history, has published two monographs on Irish cinema, many journal articles and essays and is the co-editor of ‘Ireland into Film’, a dual-language critical editions series. He has curated and programmed film festivals in Brazil and Argentina, and published a DVD with the Irish Film Institute, Dublin, in its archive series: Thaddeus O’Sullivan: Films, 1974-1985 (2014).

This was a free event run in collaboration with St. Mary's University London.