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“One Million Dubliners” with director and producer Q&A

“One Million Dubliners” with director and producer Q&A

Dir: Aoife Kelleher
Prod: Rachel Lysaght
Ireland, 80 mins, Documentary

Glasnevin Cemetery is the final resting place of 1.5 million souls; it is Ireland’s national necropolis. ONE MILLION DUBLINERS reveals the often unspoken stories of ritual, loss, love, redemption, emotion, history – and the business of death.

But this is really a film about life: the Saint Valentine’s Day rush in the florists; the American visitors eagerly searching for Irish ancestors; lost and longed for love; discovery and bereavement; earthy gravediggers and musicians in celebration. Above all, it’s the story of an immensely engaging Tour Guide shepherding his charges – and us – through the headstones and monuments, through opinions and beliefs. Filled with the familiar and the fascinating, this is a documentary that offers a glimpse into the unknown, into a world we will all come to share.

Often humorous, always affecting, ONE MILLION DUBLINERS explores life, death and the afterlife, and ends in a way that will stay with you forever. Even in a cemetery you never quite get used to death.

“beautifully shot… genuinely moving” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Irish Independent
Best Irish Film of 2014, The Irish Times, Ireland December 2014
Best Irish Feature Documentary Film, Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland July 2014

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In the summer of 2015 we brought two IFTA award winning features to London: Terry McMahon’s Patrick’s Day and Aoife Kelleher’s One Million Dubliners.

Saturday 18th July at 8pm
“Patrick’s Day” with a special Q&A with director, producer and actors Moe Dunford, Kerry Fox & Philip Jackson Q&A
Dir: Terry McMahon
Prod: Rachel Lysaght & Tim Palmer
Starring: Moe Dunford, Kerry Fox and Philip Jackson
Ireland, 102 mins, Drama

Patrick is a warm, open, twenty-six year old virgin schizophrenic. Pills and his mother’s protection mean he is no threat to himself or anyone else. Until he falls in love. The object of his desire, Karen, a suicidal flight attendant, has no idea the intimacy she shares with Patrick might reintroduce her to living. Patrick’s obsessive mother Maura doesn’t realize her own misguided love may be more dangerous than hate. To pull Karen and Patrick apart, she enlists the help of dysfunctional detective Freeman, who will use his position to help her, for a price. A provocative and heart-breaking love story about the right to intimacy for everyone, Patrick’s Day proves, when it comes to love, we’re all a little crazy.

a fascinating collision of psychiatric drama and state-of-the nation address
— ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Donald Clarke, The Irish Times



Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea

In summer 2015 we worked with Studio Canal on the pre-release activity of the long awaited Cartoon Saloon feature animation Song of the Sea. Directed by Tomm Moore, it won Best Film at this year’s IFTAs, becoming the first animation film to win in this category.

We flew Tomm Moore and David Rawle to Manchester on Monday 6th July in collaboration with Studio Canal, to chat to the BBC Breakfast news team about the film.

Tomm Moore and David Rawle on BBC Breakfast News

Tomm Moore and David Rawle on BBC Breakfast News

Synopsis: Saoirse, a little girl who can turn into a seal, goes on an adventure with her brother to save the spirit world and other magical beings like her.

Voices for the characters are provided by David Rawle (Moone Boy) Brendan Gleeson (Calvary, The Guard, In Bruges), Fionnuala Flannagan (Angela’s Ashes, Waking Ned Devine) and Lisa Hannigan (musician and singer).

Song of the Sea was released in cinemas across the UK in July 2015. 

The St Patrick’s Day Film Festival

The St Patrick’s Day Film Festival

On Sunday 15th March 2015, we ran a day’s Irish Film and Animation screenings at the Lord Mayor’s St. Patrick’s Festival London, in collaboration with the Greater London Authority. The St Patrick’s Day Film Festival took place throughout the afternoon at The Prince Charles Cinema near Leicester Square. 12.30pm – 5.30pm, with acclaimed and renowned Irish films, including the 2015 BAFTA award winning ‘Boogaloo and Graham’, and the UK Premiere of feature length mystery ‘The Legend of Longwood’.

The St Patrick’s Day Film Festival was made possible by the support of the Irish Film Institute and the Irish Film Board. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Lisa Hannigan whose song ‘Knots’, from her album Passenger, was used in our Trailer.

St. Patrick’s Line-up: Sunday 15th March, 12:30-5:30pm

“Anywhere But Here” Director: John Hayes (Trailer)
“4 Bhanrion” Director: Vittoria Colonna (Trailer)
“The Tree” Director: David Frayne (Trailer)
“Home” Director: Aoife Kelliher (Trailer)

“Boogaloo and Graham” Director: Michael Lennox (Trailer)
“Two Sugars: Intern Ireland” Director: Tess Motherway (Trailer)
“Cutting Grass” Director: Ruairi O’Brien and John Kennedy (Trailer)
“The Daisy Chain” Director: Denis Fitzpatrick and Ken Williams (Trailer)
“Somewhere Down the Line” Director: Julien Regnard (Trailer)

“Sophie at the Races” Director: Alan Friel (Trailer)
“Tea with the Dead” Director: Gary Gill (Trailer)
“Rockmount” Director: David Tynan (Trailer)
“An Ode to Love” Director: Matthew Darragh (Trailer)

The Legend of Longwood

Director: Lisa Mulcahy (Trailer)

When 12-year-old Mickey Miller moves from New York to Ireland, she soon discovers a link between herself and the 300-year-old legend of the mysterious Black Knight, who regularly haunts the sleepy Irish village. With courage and a sharp mind, she sets out to save a precious herd of white horses and to thwart the evil plans of a greedy, ambitious woman.

For more information about the Lord Mayor’s St. Patrick’s Festival, check out the Greater London Authority website.

Award winning Short Films From Ireland

Award winning Short Films From Ireland

Award winning Short Films From Ireland

Time: 5.15pm
Venue: ICA, Charing Cross, SW1Y 5AH

Breakfast Wine


Director: Ian Fitzgibbon
Starring: Ruth Bradley, Dylan Moran, David Pearse and Pat Short

Breakfast Wine is a black comedy, which earned a special mention at the 2014 Galway Film Fleadh and took home Director’s Choice at the Boston Irish Film Festival. The film stars some of this country’s finest actors including Ruth Bradley, Pat Shortt, Dylan Moran, and David Pearse, and is based on the delightful premise of “They say it takes just three alcoholics to keep a small bar running in a country town, but what if you’ve only got two?” Frequent Lenny Abrahamson collaborator Stephen Rennicks, who gave us the enchanting soundtrack for Frank, provided the score for Death of a Superhero and Perrier’s Bounty director Fitzgibbon.


(8mins 45secs)

Director: Aidan McAteer


Deadly tells the story of Boney, a working stiff who doesn’t care about his dead-end job. That is until, he has a run-in with a spirited old lady named Bridie. Academy award winner, Brenda Fricker and Love/Hate star Peter Coonan lend their voices to this bittersweet animated short about life, death and dancin’!
Written and directed by Aidan McAteer and produced by Shannon George for Kavaleer Productions, Deadly won Best Short at this summer’s Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland. Trailer

Volkswagen Joe


Director: Brian Deane
Starring Stuart Graham, Janet Moran, Paddy Rocks, Helen Roche, Matthew O’Brien


Joe is a dedicated, hardworking mechanic who services cars for both sides of the political divide. Unfortunately for Joe, both communities view his evenhandedness with suspicion and while he’s restoring a vintage Volkswagen for his friend, the local RUC inspector, a young Republican sees this as the perfect opportunity to make a name for himself. Joe is now forced into an impossible decision of endangering the people he loves by becoming either a collaborator or a murderer. Volkswagen Joe has won multiple awards this year including Best Short at Boston, Chicago and Roma Irish Film Festivals and Best Cinematography at the Galway Film Fleadh. Trailer

How’s About Ye? 

(2 mins)

Director: Jenny Keogh


Jenny Keogh is compiling a collection of short films based on slang from different nationalities and locations. Her previous film “Story Bud?” was a great success among the Irish in London. ‘How’s About Ye?’ is the follow up to ‘Story Bud?’ and is a teaser showing snippets from eight counties of Ireland. The series aims to include all counties and will help to preserve this unique language known as Hiberno-English for generations to come.

Be Lucky


Director: Jenny Keogh

‘Be Lucky’ is a film celebrating London slang. Loaded with humorous insults and exchanges, it includes everything from Cockney to Street slang. This 2:25 minute film packed with 94 slang phrases, is sure to educate and entertain people in London and beyond. The basic plot revolves around a couple who got thrown out of the local pub, which sparks off plenty of gossip.


UK Premiere of ‘GOLD’

UK Premiere of ‘GOLD’

UK Premiere of ‘GOLD’

Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Picturehouse Clapham, Clapham, SW4

2014 / 88 Mins / Dir: Niall Heery / (15)
Cast Includes: James Nesbitt, David Wilmot, Maisie Williams and Kerry Condon

Twelve years ago, Ray left town after his childhood sweetheart, Alice, dumped him, taking their daughter away from him. Now he must return home at the request of his ailing father, who wishes to see his granddaughter before it’s too late. But things take a turn for the absurd when Ray realises his daughter and her mother have built a new life with his former P.E. teacher, a controlling and regimented figure who is the direct opposite of Ray. Set in an affluent suburb in south County Dublin, GOLD is an offbeat comedy and unconventional love story that delights in the hilarity of everyday life.


Irish Film Festival London 2012

The second annual festival ran from the 21st – 25th November 2012 at Riverside Studios, Tricycle Theatre and the Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith.

Nichola Burley in JUMP

Nichola Burley in JUMP

We launched the festival at Riverside Studios, with the London Premiere of fast paced crime thriller ‘Jump starring Martin McCann, Nichola Burley, Richard Dormer & Charlene McKenna.

Director Kieron J. Walsh and Producer Brendan J. Byrne joined us for a Q&A after the screening.

The rest of the Programme included:

  • UK Premiere of ‘Natural Grace: Irish Music & Martin Hayes’, with a Q&A with director Art Ó Briain
  • Lenny Abrahamson’s ‘What Richard Did’
  • ‘Family Cinema Saturday’ – A collection of Irish features, shorts and animations aimed at a family audience and the young at heart, featuring some recent and classic gems like The Boy in the Bubble, and Fear of Flying. This session was accompanied by a Shadow Puppetry workshop for kids with Manju Gregory of Katubar Arts!
  • UK Premiere of Frank Berry’s ‘Ballymun Lullaby’, with a performance by Ron Cooney & Tara O’Brien & a Q&A with director Frank Berry
  • UK Premiere of Gerard Hurley’s ‘The Pier’
  • ‘Good Vibrations’, with a Q&A with director’s Lisa Barros D’Sa & Glenn Leyburn

The festival also included 2 Video Art Exhibitions, one at the ICC and one at Riverside Studios;

The MART curated exhibition included featuring work from Alison Cronin, Ciaran Hussey, Eoin O’Dowd, Gavin Campbell, Jane Cassidy, Jessica Fenlon, Joe Hambleton, Kathy O’Leary, Lisa O’Donnell, Moya Clarken, Richard Forrest, Sarah Lundy, Terence Erraught, Tonya McMullan and Vanessa Daws.

John O’Hora curated the second section, featuring Fiona Chambers, Bláithín Mac Donnell, Anita Delaney, Martina O’Shea, Fiona Whitty, Sally O’Dowd and Catriona Leahy.

2012 Irish Film Weekend

Part of the Irish Arts Festival, July 2012

Death of a Superhero

Death of a Superhero

Special screening of Ian Fitzgibbons’ ‘Death of a Superhero’, starring Andy Serkis and Thomas Brodie-Sangster at Tricycle Theatre accompanied by a Q&A session with Ian Fitzgibbon

UK Premiere of Se Merry Doyle’s ‘John Ford Dreaming the Quiet Man’ plus ‘The Quiet Man’ at Riverside Studios accompanied by a Q&A session with Se Merry Doyle

DocHouse & IFL present…Bernadette

Bernadette Devlin

Bernadette Devlin

Feb 2012
Special screening of Lelia Doolan’s documentary “Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey” at Riverside Studios accompanied by a Q&A session with Lelia Doolan